Tesco Competitive Strategy

Case Study
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Today's businesses are in a phase of increasing complex network of activities, customer's flexibility, market volatility and increase in natural disaster, present day companies have to reformulate their strategies and tactic within their global operations (Cheng Wonglimpiyarat, 2004).


echoes that, today the challenges for companies is not just providing high quality product but the ability to provide these products at a lower cost and price (Prahalad & Hamel 1990). These must be incorporated in the company's strategies. Against this background companies are in dear search for different ways and measures to remain competitive and consequently create values for their shareholders. (Hamel & Prahalad, 1994).
Having said this, the paper focuses on TESCO. In section two I will provide an overview of the company, its products, people and resources, part two of the paper looks at its competitive position in line with the five forces model, while part three discusses its competitive advantage, and the last section provides the conclusion and recommendations.
TESCO Plc is an international retailer founded by Jack Cohen in 1919 that has established itself as the largest super store in Europe (Report 2008). According to the company 2008 corporate report and the website, being an international retailer, its principal activities include food retailing, simple travel insurance, personal finance, TELECOM and recycling having over 2,000 stores in the United Kingdom (Company's Review 2008). ...
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