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Even for maintaining a healthy growth, the deliverables must be much above the expectations of the client keeping the operational costs down and within the specified time frame. If the increasing demand for the product thus created have to met, then innovation becomes the need of the hour and an essence for any successful business to survive.
I have taken Microsoft as the organization for analysis of business environment and have performed SWOT and PESTEL evaluation of its business. Microsoft being one of the most renowned companies in the world and frequent amongst the Fortune toppers offers a lot to learn from the innovative processes it has followed for more than a decade.
Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975 in Albuquerque(US) it is today a Multinational corporation which deals in computer software, computer hardware, research and development, gaming; a corporation that manufactures, outsources, licenses and supports a wide range of software products like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Servers, Developer Tools, Microsoft Expression, Business Solutions, Games & Xbox 360, Windows Live, Windows Mobile.
Board of Directors consists of ten people, made up of mostly company outsiders. ...
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Innovation refers to a new manner in which an object could be developed or a task could be performed. The main motive behind innovation is to improve the quality of service that could be rendered with the product, or to increase the efficiency in terms of the reduction of the cost associated with the manufacturing of the product…
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