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Essay example - Quality Assurance Plan

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Quality assurance is the key to success for any product or services in the market. Nowadays people are more conscious about the quality of the product or service they are purchasing. ISO certification is widely accepted as a factor to be considered while going for a purchase…

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It does not guarantee success every time, but the prospects are much higher with a QA project plan than without one" (Guidance for quality assurance project plans' The quality assurance plan will not guarantee the success since success of a product depend on other aspects as well. For example without proper advertisement even a quality product may not be succeeded in the market since its quality details may not reach all the people.
going to do, to ensure the quality of your solution. Quality Planning is a critical part of any project. It enables the company to agree a set of quality targets with their customers. It then helps the company to monitor and control the level of quality produced by the project, to ensure that the company meets the quality targets set. By using this quality plan template, the company can set quality targets and ensure that their project produces deliverables which meet customer's needs, thereby ensuring the company's success
A Quality Plan helps you schedule all of the tasks needed to make sure that your project meets the needs of your customer. ...
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