Role and purpose of HRM

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Introduction: The last decade in general and the period since mid 2002 in particular have been tumultuous for organizations all over the world. Greatly admired companies like Enron bit the dust while those like IBM which were close to being written off, staged a splendid recovery.


In the rapidly commoditizing PC industry, Dell continued to be profitable with its direct selling approach while older rivals like HP struggled. Sun Microsystems, arguably one of the most innovative companies in the computer industry, found itself in deep trouble. Clearly what works and what does not in business remains as unpredictable as ever while some seemingly mundane businesses managed by 'ordinary' people rewarded share holders handsomely, many 'high-tech' businesses which showed great potential when they started off, folded up. Indeed the changing environment and the speed of changes posing greater challenges to organizations. Changes in every aspect of the organizations have increased the uncertainties.
Discussion: Changes in technologies have increased access accessibility, visibility and connection. The connected world is smaller, changing rapidly and has more open information customer have become increasingly segmented and persnickety. Investors have become increasingly attended to and actively concerned not about financial results, but intangibles. Employees represent increasingly diverse demographic backgrounds including not only race and gender but personal preferences, global and cultural backgrounds and orientation to work, competitors come from both traditional large global players and increasingly smaller innovators. ...
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