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The UK represents one of the largest markets for organic herbal consumption. Presently individual residing in the UK purchase more than 4 million worth of raw material for organically based herbal products. Of these raw materials, dried herbs and essential oils make up the lion's share.


Clearly these figures when taken in context with the vast market available for fresh growing and fresh cut herb are indicative of the fact that the market is far from saturation and can be exploited by utilize a clear and concise marketing strategy which combines the individual companies which import their herbs with the cost saving potential of exposing those companies to fresh grown and fresh cut herbs within our region.
Within Europe alone, there are thousands of hectares that are strongly committed to the production of organic herbs. This is usually done collaboratively with marketing collectives as well as a co-op of processing plants. Within the UK alone there are only a few hundreds of these arrangements. Additionally, there are very few productions in place. The statistics indicate that there is a burgeoning market for individual companies which produce both fresh growing and fresh cut herbs. In within the UK there were nine hundred and thirty-five (935) stores selling fresh cut herbs and eight hundred and eighty-one stores selling fresh grown herbs during the time period of 1 November 2004 and 31 October 2005. ...
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