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Essay example - Organizational Management

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Organizational management is defined as the four-function based approach to managing the work environment in a business organization. There are four functions that a manager has to perform in this environment. They are planning, leading, organizing and controlling or coordinating…

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Similarly they identify a set of category constructs in the transactional leadership also. For instance concentration on the task at hand, short term goals and tactics, confusion concerning causes and symptoms, too much involvement in power relations, politics and statistics, fulfillment of expectations based on readily available systems, reliance on human interrelations and the persistent support for organizational structures, systems and relations.
Warren Bennis (1995) holds the view that less hierarchical more democratic institutions with the ability to adapt to the unfolding environment are the best. A competency-based contingency framework or model like this requires a series of sub-level functions or competencies to be outlined as of consequence though such heterogeneous elements which lie outside the functional domain of the manager's/leader's tasks could be avoided with convenience. For example the manager's/leader's common competencies are always inclusively treated in the theoretical framework for the purpose of reference. This is illustrated by the following diagram.
The above diagram (Fig. ...
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