Organisational Theory Essay

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Organisational theories have grown by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. This has been possible through the contributions of a series of researches and ideas into this subject. One such theory is known as feminism. The paper shall look at what feminism is, how it can be related to organizational theory and how it has applied to a number of organisations found both within the United Kingdom and outside.


This author further adds that feminism must be backed by the need to eliminate that form of inequality. Additionally, feminism must be seen as something that creates a totally different way of looking at the genders in that women are not inferior beings. Consequently, feminism challenges old assumptions about the sexes.
Feminism can be treated in a number of ways. In certain circumstances, it may be seen as something that is a union of ideologies. This is because unlike many other beliefs, it can be an incorporation of both intellectual as well as social movements. Many experts have argued that feminism lacks objectivity and as such may not be regarded as a whole genus. However, this is beside the point; many other philosophies grew out of a postulation by a certain individual or expert. However, in the case of feminism, the idea grew out of the experiences and times of women. Consequently, one cannot be called a feminist if they do not demonstrate any sort of commitment to activism. Feminism must be a combination of ideology, philosophy and activism.
In other situations, feminism may be treated as a historical aspect. ...
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