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Absenteeism & Motivation Theories - Essay Example

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Motivation is "the process that accounts for an individual's intensity direction,and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal",motivation always put very positive impact on not only an employee's mind but on every single living being in this world,…

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Absenteeism & Motivation Theories

employees are not only required to contribute to their level best in their organizations but also required to show loyalty to the place where they earn from, so in order to get maximum from them and in order to utilize their talents at best, motivation is playing a tough role, so that employees keep on moving in the right dimension, they should think and work for their achievements as well as the organization's achievement and they should not give up in life ever.Keeping in view the growing needs of employees there are so many motivational theories that have taken place in the present day organizations, a lot of employees get motivated using such theories, in this discussion we would be discussing few of these theories that are useful for the employees in the given case, the main concerns would be on Douglas McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y, while other useful theory would be Maslow's hierarchy of needs. ...
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