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The subject of the research is exploration of productivity issues of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications and development of a framework that includes various methods to enhance their productivity. Partitioning, multi-threading, caching and asymmetric clustering are the technologies that serve for improving performance of Web applications.


This dissertation will overview a software architecture based on use of Web Services for dynamically binding data in Business-to-Business (B2B) software applications known as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). It will carry out analysis of productivity issues for major components of Web Services that consist of four technologies in combination that provide an implementation of SOA: HTTP as the primary network protocol, SOAP/XML for the payload format, UDDI for service registry, and WSDL to describe the service interfaces.
Partitioning ability directly enables the creation of application partitions. These partitions are created to enable a more targeted use of back end data, requiring less throw-away caching and improved write capacity to databases. While partitioning will not realize the claims surrounding performance and availability on its own, it is able to establish the foundation upon which these benefits are achieved.
Multithreading is used to process multiple units of work asynchronously from a single Web service call. Multiple threads can be executed in parallel on many computer systems. Multithreading generally occurs by time slicing where a single processor switches between different threads, or by multiprocessing where threads are executed on separate processors.
Cashing raises productiveness of computing ...
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