Strategic Information Management Essay

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These days, success in business depends on relationships with customers and how satisfied they are. Customer relationship management is a strategy approach whose goal is to get everyone in an organisation, not just the marketer, to recognize the importance of customers (Kudzu).


The identification of needs and behaviour helps an enterprise to develop appropriate strategies that would strengthen relationships with customers. Customer Relationship Management is important because it helps businesses to survive in the market. Today's market condition requires businesses to fulfil customer needs' and not what the business thinks satisfies their needs. Thus, customer relationship management enables a firm to optimize profits through a customer focused strategy and environment (White Papers).
However, establishing long lasting relationships with customers is not easy and requires meticulous planning, as a lot of finance is involved. Customer Relationship Management is approached in several ways, but we will consider three of the most common: Operational, Analytical, and Collaborative (Alexandrou, Marios).
Operational Customer Relationship Management is when front office processes which are directly linked to customers are changed in a way that facilitates relationship. For instance, sales staffs which are directly involved with the customer would be given proper sales training to handle sales. Training would focus on issues such as how to protect and further the enterprise's image, and how to best handle and resolve customer enquiries and questions. ...
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