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Corporate Governance in China

In china, corporate governance has received much attention in the recent years and there have been debates on how china can develop an effective corporate governance system that can improve the number of listed companies in the country. The issue of corporate governance finds its roots and effect in the stock market which is responsible for listing companies. Before a company is listed in the stock market, it usually undergoes a rigorous process of scrutiny on issue of corporate governance. (Berle and Mean 2003, p. 286)
This paper will look closely at the corporate governance in china and relate the practices to one of the company, Sainsbury PLC to see how it can adopt such measure and to look at the extent in which it has been able to integrate such measures in its operation. It will first start by looking at the corporate governance in china and later look at Sainsbury PLC and how the aspect of corporate governance can be implemented in the company. Let us first look at the corporate governance landscape in china.
The mandate to improve corporate governance in china has been one of the aims of the government for along time. It started with the making of the stock market which came into being after the opening of the economy about one and a half decade ago. ...
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China is one of the countries in the world that has been experiencing a booming economic growth in the world. This has come with the growth in economic opportunities especially in the business world that has at last embraced the notion of an open economy…
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