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Corporate Security within Emerging Markets - Essay Example

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Doing business in the contemporary world is getting increasingly difficult. Globalisation has altered the constitution and speed of corporate life; the dissemination of conventional markets is taking companies to more dangerous places; the move towards a knowledge-based economy is damaging the significance of 'place' in the corporate world; new business approaches for instance offshoring challenges companies to manage distantly; and new types of accountability, for example corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, place additional pressure on companies to match their words with performance, where they are functioning…

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Corporate Security within Emerging Markets

Yet, security risks have become more multifaceted, too. Many of the risk, such as terrorism, organised crime and IT security, are asymmetric and networked, making them harder to handle. There is also greater recognition of the interdependence between a company's threat portfolio and the mode it does business: particular forms of behaviour can improve or damage an organisation's 'licence to operate', and in some cases this can create risks that would not otherwise present. Consequently, security has a higher framework in the corporate world in the present day than it did couple of years ago. Companies are seeking new ways to administer these threats and the portfolio of the security department has expanded to include common responsibility for things for example standing, corporate governance and parameter, corporate social responsibility and information assurance.
On the other hand, the political economy of Africa is at the defining moment. ...
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