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Corporate Security within Emerging Markets

As the essay declares the corporate security department can do to or for the company on its behalf and its operating success is thus reliant on its capability to influence others to work in a different way. This puts weight on communication and needs security departments to assess the outlooks of non-security professionals just to the extent that those of the specialists.
This paper stresses that behaviour is changed only by persuasion, influencing and explanation of as why a novel mode of working is in each person’s interest. This entails departments to work through reliable social networks, which puts greater weight on people, management and social skills than security knowledge. The power of the corporate security role is now directly proportionate to the value of its relationships, not the strength of its substance knowledge. The corporate security departments that are directing the way have discarded old notions about where their power and authority come from. Their position does not hinge on which makes them special – their content knowledge – however on business insight, people skills, management capability and communication skills. In other words, they have to vie on the same terms as every other function in the company. This is causing many organisations to put greater weight on these abilities than on a security conditions and some have people working on security who don’t have any security know-how. ...
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This report brings to light several practices which create a policy for 21st century corporate security with particular emphasis on the countries of Africa. Doing business in the contemporary world is getting increasingly difficult. Globalisation has altered the constitution and speed of corporate life…
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