Marketing Analysis of HSBC Premier Services

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HSBC is a UK based bank with a range of services to customers in the UK as well as the world. They have positioned their services as premium and expect the customers to enjoy and pay for this premiership. Their banking facilities can be accessed by customers world wide.


This is accompanied by an international debit card to help customers access their fund internationally. The customers have an unlimited access to a relationship manager to take care of all their concerns. On request, all customers are provided with an independent financial advisor (IFA) to advise on further accounts management, opening, borrowing and savings. Specific account holders have access to family travel insurance as they travel all over the world. (HSBC Bank UK, 2008, Online)
The banking communication is also accessible through out the day with customer being able to call or use internet to make enquiries. Any overdrafts below 500 do not attract any interest. Any overdrafts above 500 and below 5000 will attract interests with the latter being the upper limit for overdrafts allowed. Customers are not required to pay for the set up of the account. However there is a 9.9% EAR surcharged. The overdrafts ceiling is subject to review on a case by case basis. (HSBC Bank UK, 2008, Online)
The HSBC have acknowledged that the internet transaction technology came with its challenges. Thus they have put up robust measure to protect the customers against the vice of identity and transaction theft. Customer will therefore not be subjected to any charges of overdrafts occasioned by online theft. Finally customer's have the privilage of cashing a check of upto 2000 for a paid in cheque over the counter. ...
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