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The Starbucks Organization: A Model of Success - Essay Example

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The Starbucks corporation has quickly become an icon for America's new caf culture. It has been consistently rated on the Fortune top 100 as best employer and, according to Hoover's company records, has established more than 8,500 stores worldwide and is looking towards expanding to 15,000 stores nationally and to 15,000 stores internationally (2005)…

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The Starbucks Organization: A Model of Success

This paper will focus mainly on the initial stages of the organization's formation.
At the core of any successful organization is effective communication. It is the underlying theme of effective change management, decision making, human resource practices, and this paper. The main reason why starbucks is as successful as it is today is because the top executives created open lines of communication with each other, employees, and especially with customers. It is the belief of any successful manager that the correct establishment of effective communication of an institution will greatly affect the outcome and ability to reach their goals and vision.
From the very beginning, Starbucks coffee had been a small, retail store in Seattle, Washington. It was open for nine years with four profitable stores that exclusively sold the fresh dark-roasted coffee that later became a signature for success. ...
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