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RiceTec's current president is Robin Andrews. Since his 1994 involvement, the board of directors has been please with the increase in distribution and profitability, however, debates in the use of specialty blends as retailer labels and co-branding has left Andrews with the option to continue using this avenue of distribution or to move away from the sub ordinance to private brand labels.


Other grocers inquired about using Texmati in their private blend program. This product has been marketed with promising results, but has also contributed to an increase in overhead and the final market price. The product line is at five million annual retail sales, and this is below that of dominant brands, however, this is also a result of a thirty percent increase in sales, the growth is also due to an influx of immigrants and growing popularity of ethnic foods. Andrews and market team are in process of setting the marketing and distribution strategy for new aromatic rice that developed called Kamati, and would be a different in appearance and have superior taste, good US market potential, and international sales potential is even better, especially in Middle East and UK where consumption of basmati rice was high.
There are several factors which influence the development of a marketing strategy for Rice Select. The first is the company brand and product lines that are currently on the market and in half of the national grocery stores. This is the baseline for marketing research and is used to establish what has or has not worked to further the business goals. ...
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