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Music Industry - Essay Example

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Developments such as Information Technology (IT) have had profound impacts on the way companies do business. Of late, companies have had to rethink the way their activities are coordinated from production to the final consumers. These shifts in company's actions have not been initiated by technology alone…

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Music Industry

In the 1990s, agile manufacturing (AM) gained momentum and received due attention from both researchers and practitioners as SCM gradually attract interest. Both AM and SCM appear to differ in philosophical emphasis, but each complements the other in objectives for improving organisational competitiveness.Supply Chain Management (SCM) activities are related to problem-solving, information sharing, and cost reduction initiatives. The influences of individual-level antecedents on post-adoption utilisation of a specialised IT within an SCM context were examined by Bradley (1999).
Bradley, (1999) found out that 92% of the people he questioned in1999, were planning to implement one or more supply chain initiatives. Supply chain plans to integrate key business activities through improved relationships at all levels of the supply chains. In short, SCM has become a necessity for any firm seeking to solidify its position in the marketplace2. An effective supply chain includes a variety of firms, ranging from those that process raw materials to those engaged in wholesaling and retailing. It also includes organisations engaged in transportation, warehousing, information processing, and materials handling3.
Supply chain is a competitive management technique employed within the last two decades to ensure the effective flow of re ...
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