Starbucks and Corporate Social Responsibility

Case Study
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Starbucks has intrducd a bttld watr prduct namd ths, sals f which will cntribut t hlping allviat th wrld watr crisis. Th prduct fits in wll with Starbucks' attmpts t play th crprat scial rspnsibility card and is als 'n-trnd' as it capitalizs n th thical cnsumrism mvmnt and th grwing ppularity f bttld watr in lin with halthy ating trnds.


This rlativ brand familiarity and th prcptin f it bing stablishd indpndntly f a glbal playr lik Starbucks may hlp initial markting ffrts.
Th caus-rlatd markting initiativ cmplmnts Starbucks' rcnt fcus n incrasing its cmmitmnt t scially rspnsibl practics, including prviding thically-prducd cff. Caus-rlatd prjcts hav bcm an incrasingly ppular way f cnncting with cnsumrs as thy tap int shard attituds and valus. (Barr, 2007, 234-67)
Th Starbucks Crpratin, a Sattl, WA basd cff hus, fllws sm fairly standard practics fr mting tday's thics and cmplianc. Fr businsss t rmain cmptitiv and hld rspct frm bth th businss wrld and its custmrs, a businss must striv t mt and vn xcd th lgal and thical standards that hav bcm th xpctatin tday. Starbucks mts ths bligatins by fllwing its wn cd f thics alng with mting th lgal rquirmnts and th xpctatins f its custmrs and invstrs. (Jams, 2005, 72-89)
Rl f thics and CmpliancTh rl f thics and cmplianc in Starbucks financial rganizatin is up frnt and wvn int th backbn f th cmpany. All partnrs must nsur th accuracy and intgrity f Starbucks crprat rcrds.Mst imprtantly this includs rliability and accuracy f bks and rcrds, as wll as hnsty in disclsurs and in prviding infrmatin. ...
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