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Literature Review about"sociocultural and economic impacts of the development of tourism in China" - Essay Example

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Literature Review about"sociocultural and economic impacts of the development of tourism in China"

How China manages this new influx of tourism will determine what effects it will have on the country and its people.
According to People's Daily (25 November 2002), Humen is a town located in south China in Guangdong Province with a population of over 700,000. In recent years, Humen has become the center of "a booming garment industry" (People's Daily 2002). Since 1996, The China Humen International Garment Trade Fair "has attracted the attention of garment enterprises from countries including the United States and France" (People's Daily 2002). Through the garment trade, Humen is growing economically, which means that, like other areas of China, they are improving their economies and receiving tourists. Humen will have to deal with many of the same questions and issues with which all of China must deal as tourism, industry, and trade continue to grow.
The socio-cultural and economic impact of growth and tourism in Humen and other areas of China are not separate issues. The two are, in fact, intertwined, and one affects the other. ...
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Just as China has begun to open its economic markets to global trade, it has also begun to open its doors to international tourism. The ancient culture and history of China has begun to attract tourists from all over the world. As these tourists travel and explore China, they impact both the economy and culture of the Chinese people from the cities to the small rural provinces…
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