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Ariel Plumbing Service - Assignment Example

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Personal selling is one of the tools used in the promotion mix which is used by the organizations in their marketing campaign. Sales force is employed by the organization to sell its goods and services to the business customers as well as the end consumers…

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Ariel Plumbing Service

The sales force acts as a critical connection between the organization and its customers that is why APS should also employ sales force to promote their business (Kotler, Armstrong, 2008) in the new region. The company currently is only concentrating on B2B sales; therefore the sales force will play an important role in winning contracts with medium and small clients. The sales force will conduct market research, will provide customer service, build contacts and win contracts with organizations (Kotler, Armstrong, 2008). Through employing a sales force, the company will be able to know its customers better, develop market intelligence and gain an edge over its competitors. The right organizations and businesses will be targeted with the help of sales force and the relationships with these prospective clients and existing clients will be maintained by the sales force.
The services of APS will be promoted through personal presentations to the corporate customers by the sales force. The purpose of these presentations is to make sales to the prospective customers and to build long-term relationships with the customers. The sales force represents the company when it is with the clients, informing the clients about the company and about the services and answering any clients' queries (McGraw-Hill Companies, 2003). ...
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