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Evaluation of Barclays strategy

When we see the Barclays’ acquisitions of Wells Fargo Nikko Investment Advisers in 1995, to be integrated with BZW Investment Management to form Barclays Global Investors; acquisition of Banco Zaragozano in 2003, one of Spain's largest private sector banking groups; acquisition of Juniper Financial Corporation, a US leading full-service credit card issuer in 2004; acquisition of major stake of Absa Group Limited in 2005, South Africa’s largest retail bank; and acquisition of Gerrard Management Services Limited in 2006, a leading UK private client wealth manager; we can say that Barclays has preferred a route of investment in capital purchase of other financial institutions, as a direct measure of expanding its global base, as well ass to establish its base more firmly in other countries, and to use the established customer base of other financial institutions for its advantage. This sort of strategy gives the additional management challenges to barclays of managaing an ever expanding customer and market base, not to mention the growing number of cemployees and branches and integrate its acquisitions into its own processes and culture. ...
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Barclays strategy can be adequately summarized as to earn and to grow. The bank has set the objective of earning and growth side by side, with the long term goal of becoming the largest banking group in the world. …
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