Managing Director Interview

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Society is changing rapidly due to advances in technology and economics. So too are decision making criteria changing of who is best to be the CEO of a company (Rickards & Delhougne nd). Experience at being a CEO with other companies remains the number one factor in choosing a CEO (Weisman, 2005).


Colin. Firstly, some background information from Mr. Colin's interview will be presented. Second, the concept of leadership for a CEO shall be reviewed. Thirdly, the need to create an effective organizational culture will be discussed. Next, issues of human resource management pertinent to a CEO will be presented. Finally current controversies over CEO payment packages shall be outlined.
My father was a biological chemist, and worked for a large corporation on the mainland. My mother was a teacher here in Hong Kong, and is also a successful researcher and author of adult learning and development. I guess they are where I get my inquiring mind! Throughout my school years I would write stories about my experiences of life, what I saw and how I felt. I even made a family newsletter one time! I went to private schools here in Hong Kong, but really wanted to see the world when I left high school. I made it as far as the local fish market! As I said, laboring and hospitality work made up a lot of my early jobs. Later, I came to like the interpersonal customer contact of retail. All the time though, I was reading about journalism, and continued to write small contributions to local newspapers. When I was 24 I decided to go to university, and my parent helped me to study in Australia. Living there was an exceptional time for me. ...
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