Aldi, Lidl and Netto Supermarkets

Case Study
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The marketing environment basically describes the external factors and issues that have an effect on the marketing practices and business operations. In the UK retail market, the discounters suffer a lot of problems and issues that have propelled the changes in the pricing, distribution, promotion, and display.


The macro economic players include government's regulations, global economic trends, development of technology, and social aspects of living.
Analysis of the business environment is very important before coming up with a marketing strategy. The marketing style adopted by the three supermarkets (Aldi, Lidl and Natto). The most important players to consider when designing a marketing scheme are the clients and the competitors so that the buyer behaviour can be manipulated to benefit the business by purchasing more while keeping a competitive advantage over competitors (Creevy 2008).
Basically the current business environment shows that the number of buyers is reducing as the credit crisis has led to loss of jobs and the consequence of this is reduced purchases as many people cut down of some expenditure. The current estimated consumer cut down is about 57%. The prices of basic products increased considerably over the past few years according to the estimated at 11% per year.
The three supermarkets are struggling very had to stay at the top of the business and also venturing into other countries like Germany where they have already won the war. The risk of recession presents an opportunity and the three supermarkets have advertised their land requirements in the media and have predicted an enormous increase (Creevy 2008). ...
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