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AltaVista and Ask Jeeves had surfaced as very promising search engines, with innovative features and media hype. The IT era has proved to be very challenging for technology intensive sectors. If a company is found wanting in providing regular inputs to its businesses, then the competitors take over…

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When so many websites have come and gone without leaving a trail of their disappearance, AltaVista and Ask have quite successfully held on to the tide so far, with plans for further growth in the near future.
The operations system of an organization is the part that produces the organization's products - in case of manufacturing organisations and that polishes the service operations making them more user friendly - in case of service oriented organizations. In fact operations management has its origins in the study of 'production' or 'manufacturing management'. In some organizations the product is a physical (tangible) good like a television, computer system, furniture item etc. while in others, the 'product' is a service like health care, insurance, telephone services, internet searches, tourist services etc. What is common in both these types of operations is the 'conversion process.' Resources are used by the system in the 'input' chain, which gets converted into valuable 'outputs' after passing through this conversions process. This is where the role of operations management comes into picture. ...
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