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Business Plan - Euroflorida

In order to ensure that we have best customers, we would use internet as our marketing tool alongside estate agents and sales force, the benefits of registering and payment through internet website would be provided to the people only living in Europe. The houses would be sold on first come first serve basis, however if received so many applications then we can sell them on random basis to top class people. The team would be comprised of development department, which is of course the most important one, customer relationship department, marketing department, and finance department.
If the houses would not be sold to any one and we would be failed to communicate and attract audience then there is a contingency plan that is to sell the houses on no profit no loss situation and then we would come up with some new idea, however we would reapply the construction procedure if the scheme would be successful. Also we would have all the houses insured, so that if any natural calamity destroys them, we do not face any loss.
"We are making the future peaceful for you, simply not just by providing you a shelter in your dreams but also by providing you a big part of your dreams where you can go whenever you want and get whatever you want."
The prevailing problem in the Europe is that people are living extremely busy and fussy life i ...
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The business plan includes the idea of selling property to the people who can afford it. The location is not a usual one but it is in Italy, Apulia. The target audience is located in the entire Europe, because of this fact we need to hire estate agents and sales force in the entire Europe so that the best people can be our customers…
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