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Essay example - Business Enviroment

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Businesses today operate in very complex environments. For firms to succeed in these complex environments, they need to understand the differences forces that operate within their environment so as to devise strategies to deal with these forces in a manner that will enable them to remain profitable…

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Environmental scanning drives an organization's strategic planning process-the quality of the planning depends on the quality of the scan.
The scanning manager faces a lot of challenges because the external environment is changing rapidly in complex ways; there are numerous sources of information and this information is often ambiguous. (Auster and Choo, 1994). The organisation has to use this information to make consequential decisions or long-term commitments by the organisation.
Scanning involves several modes of information seeking. Aguilar (1967) usefully differentiates between searching for information about a specific question, and viewing information or being exposed to information without a specific information need in mind. According to Auster and Choo (1994). Scanning could range from a casual conversation at the lunch table or a chance observation of an angry customer dumping a product, to an extensive market research programme to identify business opportunities. ...
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