Research Data Analysis (using SPSS)

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This study will analyse the one on one private interview with an executive. This study also analyzes the results of the questionnaire. It will try discovering the factors that will affect a company's sales, operations, net income and other related matters.


There are many factors that have significant effect on generating managers and successful businesses and organizations. Such factors are related to benchmarks that a company can use to determine if the company has been doing well during the past year or years. The most important of them all is the net income or we can call it by the name turnover. The main purpose for people to put up a business, whether the organization is a partnership, a corporation or even single proprietorship, is to generate net income in order for the business to continue survive for many years.
Another benchmark that must be considered is the effect of daily expenses on the net income. When the expenses increase, this will result to a decrease in net income. But when the expenses decrease, the result will be an increase in net income. The chief executive manager in the XXXX Company has indicated that they have problems in staffing. The company is in real need of experienced staff. Staffing is the process of hiring skilled workers and maintaining present skilled workers. Even if the skilled worker is asking and is being paid higher than a newly hired or inexperienced work applicant, the skilled worker will be worth the higher pay because the skilled worker can work faster and create better quality products than newly hired employees. ...
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