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Role of Job Designs in Managing Human Resources - Essay Example

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The success of managing an organization cannot occur, at least not within a reasonable time frame, without some form of strategic human resources management imbibed within their operations. Although the human resource agenda has been incorporated in the principles of strategic planning, an understanding of the applicability of these processes in organizational management is relatively new…

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Role of Job Designs in Managing Human Resources

From the technological perspective, the workplace is defined through the production processes, which take place in a discrete area of production. Essentially, the hierarchy of managers, supervisors, and workers defines the workplace organizationally. The orientations of workers and managers to the particular area define the social limits of a workplace. Such a definition need not be limited to manufacturing. The workplace can also be a department in a bank or university or a school within an education system. What is important is that the work area is discrete, has some technological or production unity which marks it off from other workplaces, and it is recognized as such by workers and managers.
Therefore, it is evident that the field of Human Resource Management has evolved into a strategic, technical, and measurement-oriented area in the past few years. Predictably, this field will continue to grow in sophistication and complexity as a reflection of the world in the 21st century, presenting solutions to difficult dilemmas that could affect the workplace massively.
An organization's core values are manifested by its culture; that is, in the basic ways that business is handled, such as how decisions are made and how rewards are distributed. ...
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