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The Human Resource Function

Cadbury Schweppes has as its main objective the delivery of superior shareholder value. To achieve this objective, the company stresses the need for all employees to understand the different goals of the company so that they can tailor their efforts towards achieving these goals which will in turn lead the company toward its overall objective of delivering superior shareholder performance.
This paper aims at looking at critically evaluating the nature and presence of the human resource strategy that appears to be in operation at Cadbury Schweppes in the light of the wider business strategy. The paper also presents a discussion of how the Human Resource Function can position itself toward delivering the people strategy based on evidence gathered from the case study as well as the understanding of the development of Human resource functions. Having said this, the paper will begin by critically evaluating the nature and presence of the human resource strategy in section 1.1 below and later a discussion how the Human resource function can position itself will be presented in section 1.2.
The human resource strategy that appears to be in operation at Cadbury Schweppes seems to be in conflict with the company's business strategy. ...
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Cadbury Schweppes is the world's largest soft drinks company. It is one of the FTSE companies. It has its headquarters in the United Kingdom and has manufacturing operations in more than 35 countries. The company has more that 50,000 employees with 7000 in its UK headquarters…
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