benefits and cost in quality management systems

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Quality Management is no doubt approaching in a very distinct mode. By a lot many companies it is referred to as 'business excellence ', since it is considered to have a broader horizon to it then just plain simple 'quality management '.
It is now considered an integral part of an organization.


Traditionally quality management was confined to a quality control department, the job being to keep proper checks and balances on the product or service being sure, the customers are being provided the quality they wish to attain while purchasing a distinct service or product. Now, with the passage of time, This Quality management has evolved and emerged as a complete system of its own. It has now become a whole Quality management System.
'The term ISO 9000 has two major connotations. One is specific standard called ISO 9000 'Quality Management Systems Fundamentals and the vocabulary and the second Connotation is a family of standards that compose the ISO 9000 series related to quality management systems . (Cobb, Charles G ,2003 )
Quality management systems have evolved and Total Quality Management System (TQM) have been developed which in Totality tend to manage and deliver the best quality standards of service and products. There is an ongoing debate about how vital these Quality management systems are for organizations. And how proper structuring of such Systems can enhance efficiency of an organization, hence help succeed in the goals short term and long-term.
The notion stated above is true to some extent, as some companies fail to actually realize how vital Quality management systems are. For the success of the organization and sustenance in the customer market. ...
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