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Marks & Spencer, despite being a top end multi-purpose department store which specializes in furniture, clothing and home wares is not merely restricted to the elite of the area where it is situated in. Offering a wide range of products, the main focus of Mark $ Spencer is on quality which is why their products are offered to the market at a premium.


Another major target market for Marks & Spencer includes people who are traveling or vacationing in the area of their outlet. The brand name of Mark & Spencer is synonymous with upscale and high quality products which are extremely desirous to everyone who goes to a Marks & Spencer outlet; especially to foreigners who are traveling into the country. Therefore, these people formulate a significant section of the market which constitutes the consumers of Mark & Spencer's products.
Here, we will look at the services that are provided by Marks & Spencer for their brands. The key concept behind the services that are provided by Marks & Spencer is eliminating the crippling feeling of disparity that arises in the minds of the consumers with regards to the retailers and the customers. The shop keepers at Marks & Spencer portray themselves as being one from the legions of customers that formulate their target market, therefore, it becomes considerably easy for customers to associate with the shop keepers which allows for trust to be established between the customers and retailers. ...
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