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Information system has infused intelligence into the Sydney X Hotel and enhanced their decision making process. The labour cost control system enhances the staff management, allocation and their movement. The information system has provided Sydney X Hotel with facilities to plan various staff movement analytics so that effective allocation can help them to cut on costs and provide an efficient service to the customers…

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The first section is staged at gathering requirements and modelling the system in accordance to it. The design issues are handled in this stage which allows deeper penetration into the system for understanding the business process flows (Boehm, 2001).
The labour cost control is used to control the situation of overstaffing of breakfast service, and thus can reduce the unnecessary labour expenses of the fine dining restaurant to the accepted budget range, with better using of resources for providing high-quality customer services with efficiency (James, 2003).
We expect the project can decrease the labour cost of the fine dining restaurant which is led by the overstaffing of breakfast service, due to the ineffective way of rostering. On the other hand, improve customer satisfaction for reducing the complaints about the service inefficiency.
From the organisational point of view, the project is considered to be low risk and expected to have high investment return (ROI - 182.30%). The project's objective focuses on reducing the labour expenses of the restaurant through breakfast service. ...
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