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The success factors adopted by Walt Disney have been unique in that when the company built its first theme park in Florida it was a totally new idea which entailed creating entertainment complexes based on themes which were initially derived from characters in comic books.


It is located conveniently and easily approachable. Spread over an area of 310 acres, it includes a number of theme parks and also two theme hotels. (http://park.hongkongdisneyland.com). The eight success factors which have been identified for Disneyland will be observed with reference to Disneyland, Hong Kong as follows:-
(a) Originality of Concept. Originality of concept implies providing novelty to the visitors at all times. Disney has continuously strived to provide original concepts and ideas. To boost up its summer visitors, the summer pass concept has been introduced by Disney Land Hong Kong; in addition it has continuously innovated to provide new rides, new plans for passes and also added environmental friendly attractions such as the Autopia electric car in collaboration with Honda the Japanese car manufacturer.
(b) Geographic Location. Geographic location would imply locating the park near a city with well off people which is also a major tourist destination. Disney Land Hong Kong is ideally achieving this as it is an affluent location with a large number of tourists including those going to and coming from Main land China. Hong Kong is one of the most prosperous cities in the area. Over the years it has become the hub of business as well as tourism. ...
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