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Essay example - Planning and modeling successful E-Business

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Looking back thirty years ago, it would have been difficult to imagine that one day, people would be able to run their businesses successfully through a small box: namely, computers. Beforehand, the concept of running a business which was successful had to be handled with care…

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Now, people dress up casually; gone are the days of shiny shoes and ties. Today, even dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, one can run a successful business online, and a 24-year-old today can very well be a chairman of their own company.
One may ask how it is possible to explain this phenomenon. It's called e-business. The letter "e" in the word stands for electronic, and it's a business run on computers through the internet and has web pages attached to it. This phrase can be described as the usage of information and communication technologies (ICT). This is like a support holder for all the activities which are related to the businesses. The most important activity or a supporter of any business is purely dependent upon commerce, which is the taking and giving of any services or products which happen to lie between groups or individuals or, in our case, businesses. Now, the function of the e-commerce is to use the ICT to allow the relationships of the businesses with groups or with other businesses to grow.
The first time that e-business came into being was because of the marketing and internet teams of IBM in the year 1996. This was according to the former chairman of IBM, Louis Gerstner. ...
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