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Taylorism is the name given to Taylor's Scientific Management or the Classical Perspective. In a statement, Taylor said that "The principal object of management should be to secure maximum prosperity for the employer, coupled with maximum prosperity for the employee" [6]. This means that there should be a win-win situation for all the parties involved while no body would feel at a loss. In Taylor's view, the task of factory management was to determine the best way for the worker to do the job, to provide the proper tools and training, and to provide incentives for good performance. He broke each job down into its individual motions, analyzed these to determine which were essential, and timed the workers with a stopwatch. With unnecessary motion eliminated, the worker, following a machinelike routine, became far more productive. [5]
With Taylor's radical theories of employee motivation and increased productivity, the organizations started to test them and gained favorable results. His theories began to change how organizations functioned. Before this time organizations were usually setup in homes or in formal businesses where the workspaces were open. There were no barriers to communication and ideas could flow freely among employees. Taylorism abruptly changed this feature of organizations. He proposed the concept of working in enclosed spaces so that each employee could get his or her own personal space. ...
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Fredrick Winslow Taylor was the father of scientific management school of thought. He said that decisions based upon tradition and rules of thumb should be replaced by precise scientific procedures developed after careful study of the employees while working…
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