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Strategic Management Master

Belasen and Frank (2007) in their paper "Competing values leadership: quadrant roles and personality traits", sought to establish a system of number and order of leadership roles and tag the associated personality traits which determine leadership roles to them. Thus it's an effort at establishing a system of metrics to define an otherwise indeterminate and disparate amount of values. Their use of LISREL to determine the extent of fit between competing values framework (CVF) and quadrants is essentially one loaded with a priori tenets of recalcitrant logic.
Next Haakonsson, Burton, Obel and Lauridsen (2008) in their paper "How failure to align organizational climate and leadership style affects performance", hypothesize that "misalignments between climate and leadership style are problematic for organizational performance". The study is based on regression analysis of data collected through a questionnaire. Though the authors acknowledge an element of prejudice and bias on the part of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), there is still a considerable divergence among variables because the study is primarily a posteriori in its outcomes. Despite the existence of various influences on organizational culture and leadership style, a common tendency to produce a confluence of ideological stances on the part of the two cannot be altogether absent either.
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Theoretical constructs of strategic leadership behavior have been developed from time to time in an eager response to meeting challenges of time and requirements of evolving managerial structures. Choices that are being made thus tend to be both time-centric and purpose-driven…
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