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The sources of local economic growth interact with the local policies and it addressed how the policies are directed to the factors that influence the behaviors of the local firms. Appropriate policies depend on its effect to the economic welfare. There are also policies that have positive impact in the welfare of the economy and zero sum from a wider perspective…


They can influence in making decisions and in the monopoly of the authorized force. The government illustrates the fact that people are living in the community and personal autonomy must be constrained. Governments are created to increase the survival potentials of the people and they are directly involved in manipulating and managing all the regional economies. The government itself can make reforms on currencies and they ensure that the values of money will undermined by prohibiting counterfeiting. The government regulates most of the aspects in the economy and they stabilized it for the benefit of the people. The government has a crucial role in managing the public goods and the environment. They are the institutions that resolve problems in the local level and global scales. The economic market has suitable mechanism and governmental intervention and regulation that sustain the management. Normally, the government manipulates the economy of the nations wherein the members of the government shape the economic policies. There are social programs such as Social security and Medicare. ...
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