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Management of Design and Innovation

The scope of design management extends to the internal and external interfaces of the firms. Design management usually is a long and continuous activity which influence the performance of the firms at all levels. Design management processes are practiced by people having different levels of authorities and trainings. Such people function with multiple orientations covering various kinds of organisations of different sizes and nature. Koppelmann and Spies (1993) opine that design management is having multifarious facets and there are different opinions about design management. This paper details the design management process and the application of design management in the case of Zara clothing Spain as a case study.
Technology is said to be at the heart of any manufacturing company. The technology helps in designing the products or the processes required to manufacture the products. It is critically important for the companies, that the existing technologies are assimilated into the business, and also anticipate the impact of the emerging technologies on the designs, products, and processes. This is considered critical as the companies are always under constant pressure to bring new products to the market as quickly as possible. ...
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Innovation is the cornerstone of corporate success and longevity." (Walton Thomas, 2004) To make the innovation effective design management review delves in to the topic of innovation. Design management is an important decision process through which the organisations arrive at design related decisions on the basis of the behaviours of market and consumers…
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