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Essay example - Operations Decision Making

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Developing a better direction to the end user is regarded as one means to obtain competitive advantage in any market. In an exceedingly competitive, automated age with innovative techniques and processes to extend to more insistent consumers all over the world, worldwide distribution networks grow increasingly essential to a company's ability to compete and develop a better direction to the end user…

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The relative costs corresponding with technological venture and processing transaction, however, are increasing owing to the complicated channels and technological communications that must be in position to hold up flawless, single framework inventory in the range of distribution networks that subsist now and that will before long emerge in the future. Making matters worse, executives and managers have hardly any means and little support to help them decide when to venture, how much it cost to invest, and how to appraise or assess the trade value to be earned from the venture (Weill, 1991).
This paper examines investment decisive factors and solutions, prioritisation strategies, and corporate-level decision making by hotel managers and executives with regard to information technology (IT) and in the framework of hotel distribution designs. This paper hopes to substantiate the issues considered, the evaluation of methods applied, and the procedures employed to ascertain the level of achievement from such venture and resource distribution decisions that were made with regard to information technology and a hotel company's distribution frameworks.
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