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Consumer values in their purchases often have both hedonic (pleasurable) and utilitarian (necessary) traits in various channels of retail, and consumption delivers contentment on both a utilitarian and hedonic scale through various retail channels. To better understand both hedonic and utilitarian constructs, first the research by Babin and Darden is explored to draw conclusions for further research throughout the following research paper.


This research examines how hedonic versus utilitarian consumption can vary in typical purchase situations, depending on the decision context, and the manners in which consumers justify their purchases with their own values of time, money and method.
Babin and Darden's article "Work and/or Fun: Measuring Hedonic and Utilitarian Shopping Value" focuses on the dimensions of hedonic and utilitarian consumer purchases, with the "shopping as work" and the "shopping as fun" consumer experiences. The shopping experience is an activity in which both the utilitarian based need and the hedonic based desire are important dimensions of the consumer's shopping experience because shopping involves more than the economics of supply and demand, there is also the social and psychological aspect. These dual dimensions are scaleable to recognize "formally that a shopping experience can be valuable, or valueless, in more than one way" (Babin and Darden p 644 1994). ...
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