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Case Study example - LSR Insurance Call Centre Move To India

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Case Study
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Brewster, H et al (2003, p.16) mentioned that differences in national cultures are apparent to all. The concept of culture is deeply rooted in human history and its scope extends far beyond the boundaries of organization activity. It is further stated that organizations are the product of the societies and times…

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As far as LSR plan to open up its base in India, the major problem for the management will be to deal with English in Indian accent. In view of the LSR Insurance companies decision to depute UK manager in India branch, there will be conflict in decisions between Indian and UK managers. The actual difference that may occur at the workplace is time and the employees will have to work during odd hours to answer the calls of UK customers. There is considerable difference in the work attitude between the local employees and UK managers which is primarily related to drive motivation. Further it has observed that Indian employees are very difficult to work in teams alongside UK employees. Further certain policies which UK employees are used to may give rise to conflicts among Indian employees.
LSR Insurance is experiencing difficulties in finding three managers to depute to India because there have been no previous appointments to India and lack of overseas experiences among the managers. ...
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