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Managing people

Nevertheless within a workplace environment, managing people is a deliberate act that has to be cultivated and enhanced through leadership skills and training. Contrary to expectations, people like to be managed! Individuals feel more secure, supported and appreciated when they judge that somebody is 'looking out' for their interests, development and is at hand to assist in case of problems. However managing people has challenges, "a manager's most important and often most difficult job is to manage people." (Welch, 2008)
Most managers either clings to tasks that they should delegate to line staff while others just dump them to subordinates without due process, 'instead of giving orders, a smart manager gives instructions' (, 2009). One of the main tasks of a manager assisting an employee through the process of life cycles within the organisation described as HIAR or Hire, Inspire, Admire, and Retire. The manager must be less a 'manager' and more a 'leader', hence must inspire and motivate those entrusted to lead. Lee Iacocca - former Chrysler CEO asserted that,' management is nothing more than motivating other people.' (University of California, 2008)
Organisations always strive to ensure the effectiveness of their production process to the satisfaction of their customers and shareholders. This is entirely dependent on the output of all their employees. ...
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Managing employees in an organisation necessitates managers to be more than mere 'bosses' within the establishment. Contemporary managers in effect assume the responsibilities of a therapist, guide, organizer, taskmaster, trainer and adviser to the workforce…
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Managing people
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