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The Marketing Communications Mix is the specific mix of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations a company uses to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives."(Dolak). Marketing communication Mix therefore is a combination of various strategic tools which give rise to the overall communication mix of the organization.


This case study is about the Virginia Tourism Corporation which is considered as a creative and dynamic organisation taking the advantage of historical relevance and beauty of the Virginia state. The corporation is also considered as one of the most important organisations in Virginia State and has been continuously involved into the various important innovative techniques of doing business which has capitalized the way tourism business has been done in the country. Due to its romantic appeal, Virginia has remained a hot spot for the tourists and it is because of this reason that Virginia Corporation is engaged into delivering tourism services to the many tourists coming from around the world to visit the aesthetic beauty of the region.
As discussed above that the marketing mix is a combination of various marketing tools of strategic nature which when combined produce the results which attempt to support the organisational goals and objectives. Marketing communication techniques are basically the tools which are used by the organisation's different departments i.e. marketing, product development etc to decide upon the various important parameters.
For a service oriented organisation, it is very critical that the various elements of marketing communication mix fit together to achieve the maximum results. ...
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