Chocolate Confectionery Market Analysis

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The chocolate confectionery market of United Kingdom (UK) has shrunken in size during the past years largely due to the lobbying by health groups against confectionery consumption in general. While dark chocolate has been touted as a good source of antioxidants, what prevails now is the general consciousness of the public regarding the dire effects of too much sugar in one's diet and the accepted fact that eating big chunks of chocolate bars often leads to obesity.


They generated a comprehensive report on the subject. Some of the main points therein are as follows:
The most common pack formats are the singles chocolate bars, followed by the standard boxes for the boxed chocolate assortments. The seasonal formats come next; they include the tinned or jar confectionery for seasonal occasions, Easter eggs, novelties and selection packs. There is also a high demand for snack size formats; (Market and Research, 2009, p.2)
44% of adults aged 18 and above buy chocolates and sweets mostly for the children in their family and not for themselves, while 77% of adults confirmed their preference of specific brands in purchasing chocolates and sweets. (Market and Research, 2009, p.3)
Almost 40% of the year's sales of chocolates pertain to the first quarter of the year, thanks to the celebration of Eater season, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Around 8% of UK chocolate confectionery is sold during the two weeks right before the Easter weekend. From September to December, the highly saleable items are the boxed chocolates (bulk and ordinary), novelties and selection packs. (Market and Research, 2009, p.2)
UK exports confectionery (of the total volume, 54% is made up of chocolate confectionery while 46%, of sugar c ...
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