Rural Areas Development

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In twenty first century, the rural areas in the developed world have undergone tremendous changes, especially in the economic sector. The importance of primary sector in the rural economy of public sector has progressively declined since the end of the World War II.


The means livelihood of the rural population in the developed world has substantially altered by the forces of globalisation and corresponding integration of the world economy. The migration of the urban workers who are however embedded in the urban lifestyles and cultures, to the rural areas is one of the primary factors that bring consumerist culture into the countryside.
Cloke asserts that "consumption demands are the driving force of change in the countryside and its rural economy" (Cloke 2006. p.125). Also, the market for rural amenity products has strengthened in an unprecedented manner along with the global intensification of the market network which is intensified by the free market policies of the governments in the Global North.
Traditionally, agriculture has been the stronghold of the rural economy even in the advanced countries. Even in countries like the UK, agriculture and related businesses was the mainstay of the rural economy. However, the reality is that, historically speaking, rural economy was not constituted by agriculture alone as it is misconceived by many. A variety of economic functions had been taking place on the rural spaces for time immemorial. ...
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