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Essay example - Organisations and Needs

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The relationship between employer and employees are constantly changing in today's business environment. Global competition and new technologies such as Internet have changed the rules of competition and forcing many companies to become increasingly productive with smaller workforces…

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In the present case study of banking organization, the training dept, faces layoff/down sizing for the last 3 years continuously. Full time establishment in the Trg. Centre was 260 in 2003 but reduced to 136 in 2006. Further the budget of Trg. dept. has also been reduced drastically from 20 million pounds in 2003 to 11 million pounds in 2005. Apart from this reduction, management is expecting the same productivity and output. This situation put tremendous pressure on the remaining work force. Though the downsizing was not only in Trg. Dept. but spread over all the important departments such as Administration, delivery and line management. The workforce, who survived the downsizing, was in traumatic condition due to layoffs of their close colleagues. Not even this but the further announcements of reduction and restructuring of Trg. Dept. and senior managements ultimate of further restructuring and proposal of downsizing the organization Trg. Dept by further 14 in number after at least 3 weeks put additional pressure/stress on the remaining workforce. This announcement creates havoc to the trust of the workforce at workplace. Now the complete atmosphere of uncertainty was widespread and employees working in Trg. Dept. are certainly facing the traumatic, emotional uneasiness. ...
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