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Seven Sisters Country Park is a prominent natural park in the Sussex County of England. This park offers visitors a large number of attractions. Apart from leisure activities, the biodiversity and the varied landscape available in the Seven Sisters Country Park makes it a sought after destination for educational visits.


After an analysis of the existing environmental regulations of the Seven Sisters Country Park, this dissertation will identify proposals which will reduce the negative impact of tourism and increase its positive aspects.
Seven Sisters Country Park (SSCP) is a well known ecological landmark in the Sussex County. Seven Sisters Country Park encompasses a wide variety of animal habitats and scenic sites inside its 279 hectare periphery. The Seven Sisters Country Park takes its given name from the well-known chalk cliffs of the Sussex coast. This coastline has been declared as a heritage site and the southern periphery of the park offers a good view of the coastline. The Park encompasses an unique ecosphere, one of the extremely rare undisturbed river estuary system in South East England, and This ecosphere is of unique interest to the academics of a variety of disciplines. Seven Sisters Country Park is within the following administrative bodies the Sussex Downs chapter of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the Sussex Heritage Coast, and Seven Sisters Voluntary Marine Conservation Area (SSVMCA). The Park provides an environment of extraordinary splendor and also provides various opportunities for privacy and isolation. ...
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