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Global Marketing: Starbucks Coffee - Essay Example

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Starbucks Coffee is the leading coffee roaster and retailer company which operates on the American and European Community markets, and have started its penetration into the Asian market. With the changing economic environment, factors such as globalization of markets, international economic integration, removal of barriers to business and trade, and increased competition have enhanced the need of new markets…

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Global Marketing: Starbucks Coffee

Currently, Starbucks operates on the Asian markets including Japan, Singapore, Brunei, China, and Indonesia.
The Starbucks Coffee channels of distribution include department store and work place environment, airports and hotel chains, coffee shops and coffee bars, etc. According to the company's statistical data, in 2002, there were "a total of 4,247 coffee shops in the United States and Canada" (Starbucks Coffee, 2005). In order to grow direct sales, Starbucks has created Online Caffe to reach the global market.
New market entry is aimed to increase the level of sales, and maintain the firm ground for word wide market penetration. Liberalization, foreign ownership and mergers will have a major impact upon the future of the coffee industry, but many regulatory and ownership barriers remain in force worldwide. Organizational 'type' has been dramatically influenced by the rise of globalization. Coffee trade is seeking to maximize its 'global reach', in the belief that those that offer a global service will be in the strongest competitive position. For these very reasons the Asian market has been chosen as the potential one.
On the other hand, the Asian market shows the highest rate of economic growth around the world. ...
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