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Acer in China

The economic development in India is facilitated by both manufacturing and service sectors. Thus, Acer should make the fast move in conquering this market. This conclusion is based on the premise that the Indian market represents huge revenue and profit opportunity which remains largely untapped. Even though Acer is also bound to deal with numerous risks and uncertainties in its decision, this paper still believes that the business organization has already built strong presence in the smaller cities which can help it in succeeding in conquering India in contrast with the highly problematic Chinese market.The move to conquer India is warranted by the high demand in technological gadgets including personal computers which will support the growth in business process outsourcing. Acer should also need to make a quick decision in entering this market postponement will make it very late for it to establish a strong presence once larger and more efficient industry players abroad settle and gain strong foothold in the market. This is very possible noting the aggressiveness of top companies like Dell and IBM. Acer can gain a competitive advantage against this player recognizing its cost leadership strategy which is expected to appeal to the still highly price sensitive Indian market.Another reason why the Indian market should be pursued is the fact that the large market remains unsaturated. ...
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Should Acer opt not to pursue its investment in the Chinese market, India is another candidate for expansion because of its improving economy boosted by the boom in business process outsourcing. …
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