Construction Industry Essay

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Construction has a long history, almost parallel to the development of civilization. Across the globe, construction is the biggest industry which is churning billions of dollars every year and providing employment to a large workforce, skilled and unskilled.


The term was first used in the 18th century to distinguish the newly recognized profession from military engineering, until then preeminent". (Civil Engineering) "The beginnings of civil engineering as a separate discipline may be seen in the foundation in France in 1716 of Bridges and Highways. Its teachers wrote books that became standard works on the mechanics of materials, machines, and hydraulics" (Civil Engineering). Over the years, the industry has been experiencing emerging trends in design, architecture and building quality and indeed construction/project management, which in turn, contributed to the development of many tools and techniques in the area of Civil Engineering. Thus, the management of modern construction projects requires knowledge and professional mastery over the modern management developments as well as proper understanding of the design and the process of construction as the field is becoming more and more interdisciplinary. A Civil Engineer job is tough in the sense that he/she has to integrate the principles of civil engineering works, project management and general management. Moreover, he has to direct and lead a team of workforce in a coordinated and cooperative environment. For that, he has to be a good leader, trainer and motivator. ...
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