Management of Information Systems Change

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The business environment for corporate organizations is becoming increasingly challenging. Today, firms have to deal with several bottle necks such as outdate technology, underdeveloped infrastructure, inappropriate payment systems and ineffective scheduling and control systems, which have hampered their progress.


As a key component of the business changes, Information Systems also plays a predominant role in the development of the business. Right from the information flow at internal end, to end-user levels, a lot of attention is required all through. Over a period of time a lot of dramatic and dynamic changes were envisaged in the way the information systems of many businesses transformed.
In the earlier decades, Information Systems and usage of advanced technologies use to be a sophisticated development for the companies and were used by only well -established companies. But in the recent past, due to the growing competition and the advancement of technologies added to increased customer expectations of better and speedy services demanded almost all the companies of the globe to work towards reengineering the process of management and the business acumen.
In business, Information Systems not only facilitates the basic processes or operations but also supports the decision making process of the Management. Bottom line management or the value maximization which is an ultimate objective of any business management precludes the effectiveness of the Information Systems used by the business. ...
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